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Amateur fatty doing it in reverse cowgirl position

02 Dec
Plump teen Anastasia getting fucked hard

Anastasia, new hardcore movie, 24 min

Looking at Anastasia in her daily life, you would hardly suspect her of being a naughty little cock junkie she really is. She’s cute, she’s friendly, she’s joyful – but everything changes whenever there is a hard cock in her immediate vicinity! This is when the usually shy chubby girl-next-door turns into a real slut that can wrestle you down into her bed and ride your cock all night long! Well, she could have done it here in this scene as well but her fuckmate simply couldn’t last this long. No surprise though – she was shaking her big ass on top of him so hard he just gave in and jizzed her!

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Hitting the showers with a super-hot chunky teeny

22 Nov
Plump girl washing her chubby body in shower

Anastasia, new movie, length 16 min

Hell yeah, chubby rookie Anastasia has surely been acting too dirty recently, so now it’s high time she finally hit the showers and washed herself clean. She won’t go there all alone though – our all-seeing camera will keep her company and film her as she comes washing that sexy body of hers. Her tender hands sliding all over her huge breasts, flabby belly and round ass, touching her firm nipples and her juicy pussy, covering her heavy curves with soft foam… Anastasia is a born teaser, without a doubt! Don’t even think about leaving her bathroom until her show is over – it’s gonna be so hot!

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Fat doll Anastasia fucks herself raw with fingers

17 Nov
Sexy young plumper Anastasia showing her perfect body

Anastasia, new movie, 14 min length

Anastasia is the type of girl so addicted to bodily pleasures that some might wanna call her a real nympho! Judge yourself, once she starts masturbating, she just can’t stop it – and it’s actually awesome because there will hardly be any people that will want her to stop. Watch her stand over you with her beautiful legs spread open, her fingers rubbing her shaven pussy so hard that it comes squelching with juice! Yeah, I guess that every person reading this would gladly step in and help her get it off – with his fingers, his tongue or his cock. This wet BBW pussy looks absolutely irresistible!

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Anastasia’s got big tits and real good sex skills

17 Nov
Guy licking fatties' giant boobs

Anastasia, new hardcore photo set, 154 photos

Big boobs make BBW babes even more appealing, this is without a doubt. Just look at the way Anastasia’s fuckmate reacts to the sight of her heavy ripe melons that she bares for him. Unable to resist them, he just leans towards the girl and starts sucking on her nipples, making her smile and moan. This little oral favor that he gives to her will surely drive her crazy with desire, so… He can expect to have his cock serviced better than ever before by this tight and young yet damn naughty fatty. She will blow it and beat it, lick it and ride it till it explodes all over her curvaceous body!

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Busty BBW teeny jilling off before hitting showers

13 Nov
Young plumper with great boobs posing in shower

Anastasia, new photo set, 107 photos

Before this young BBW vixen hits the showers, she will take the time to show you the most tempting nooks of her body while sitting with her legs open in front of the shower cabin. Well, it doesn’t mean that she will sit still, demonstrating her sexy curves, heavy boobs and her brown smoothie… She will do her best to make this shoot as pleasant for herself as it’s only possible as well! Watch her lean back and let her fat fingers into the wet tightness of her slit with a moan. Her hands come moving faster and faster, her cheeks grow pink, her moans grow loud… Go ahead and cum together with her!

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Stacked plumper sticking fingers into her wet hole

09 Nov
Chubby teen Anastasia fingering her snatch

Anastasia, new HD movie, 17 min length

Anastasia is more than just a lovely plump girl-next-door. This chunky doll is the proud owner of what might be the best set of big natural tits that you have ever seen on a girl! Those juggies of hers are amazing an… Well, hope you are glad to hear that in this scene you will have a chance to scrutinize them from every angle. And don’t think that Anastasia will get away with flashing her boobies only. She’s got a fairly mouthwatering little pussy too and she will gladly show it to you! Watch her spread its little full lips in front of your eyes and then ram her lubed fingers deep into it!

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Red is this naughty chubby hottie’s favorite color

09 Nov
Plump girl Anastasia posing in red lingerie

Anastasia, new photo set, 108 photos

She didn’t want it white, she didn’t want it black, she surely didn’t want it boring beige… Naughty plump freshie Anastasia wants her lingerie to be bright red and nothing but bright red! Watch her pose for you in classy scarlet undies in this XXX scene, her booty looking even more mouthwatering in red thongs, her heavy jugs almost popping out from under her bra… Hey and she won’t keep it on for the whole of the scene – she’s not a softcore lingerie model after all. Very soon you will see her curvaceous body without any undies on as well. Come on, baby, you will definitely like that hot scene!

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BBW teen shows her stunning curves to the world

04 Nov
Young plumper Anastasia posing in red lingerie

Anastasia, new photo set, 104 photos

Yes, Anastasia is a real teen – and a really fat teen, it should be said. In spite of being so fresh and young, she comes sporting a lot of cushion for pushin’. What definitely deserves your attention is this charming rookie’s rack. Damn, only really chunky babes can boast of such nice-sized and, which is even more important, 100% natural tits. Her backside is not any worse, by the way – you will understand it when Anastasia turns her big butt barely hidden under little red panties towards you and starts slapping it. You want her pussy too? Damn, you are greedy! But okay, she will show it!

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